Problem with RTL languages

Topic: Problem with RTL languages

Dear Wialon developers
As you know when we use RTL languages beside parameter (For example in notification text in Notifications) in the final result text is shown in wrong format and phrases are disordered. Would you please check possibility to solve this problem?


Problem with RTL languages

Re: Problem with RTL languages

Hello, Hamed.

As far as there are no specialists, who are using RTL languages as their native ones, we are not aware of this issue - probably you are the only one using them or maybe there are issues only with your language on WH. Anyway, it is impossible to fix anything untill we know what and where needs to be fixed.

That is why you'll need to send us:
Notification name
Text of a triggered notification as it comes currently
Text of a notification as it should come (by your vision)
to support@gurtam.com (preferably with the screenshots) and details on where the issue was first discovered.