32 Shades of Belarusian: Language Classes for Gurtam Partners

(edited by Anna Glonassova 20/02/2015 15:57:37)

Topic: 32 Shades of Belarusian: Language Classes for Gurtam Partners

Over the years of Gurtam’s existence, Wialon community has expanded its horizons and gained many international partners.Today, with their support the geography of Wialon usage covers 90 countries. Our partnership is not limited to having only business communication. We maintain a friendly relationship with our partners by meeting them at industry events on a regular basis, inviting them over to our annual Partner Conference in Minsk and participate with them in various projects.

When they come to Belarus, our partners often ask us about the Belarusian language and culture. Belarus has two official languages: Russian and Belarusian. As a first time visitor in Belarus, one might assume that Russian is the only spoken language in the country. People speak Russian, write in Russian and think in Russian. Most of the time, Belarusian language can be heard only on a State TV-channel and on Vatican radio: twice a day the foreign radio station broadcasts in Belarusian.

Since International Mother Language Day is around the corner, we got the idea to introduce our native language to Gurtam partners. We chose a beautiful Belarusian poem “Dze moi kray” by Uladzimir Karatkevich and asked the partners to read it aloud and capture the process on a video.

Two weeks ago we divided the poem into lines, and asked our partners to participate. The majority of our partners enthusiastically agreed to explore the Belarusian culture in such a unique way. Eventually, the partners from 32 countries participated in creating the video: each of them was given a line from a poem to read.

Video: http://youtu.be/cQuL99Xts6A

All participants demonstrated their best in this project. Many thanks to all of them, or as we say it in Belarusian ‒ Vyaliki Dzyakui!

More information: http://weblog.gurtam.com/2015/02/30-sha … -partners/