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I have this problem.

A client made a geofence report and notice that not all geofences were in the report. We know that the unit was there because in the delivery report appear that the deliver was made.  I do not know how to solve this.

My client use this information in order to know if the deliver was on time.

Thanks for your comments


Geofence Report

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Please check that all geofences belong to resource which created report in
Only with the same resource for report and created geonfences you can execute a good report

If the problem is still please write to our support@gurtam.com with access to report and geofences. We'll check it more carefully

Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert

Geofence Report

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Let me check it!

I will sent an email to support if the problem persists


Geofence Report

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here a sample screen from a geofence report. typicaly NO geofences are market. you need to select them manualy.

Diana also wrote, that the names of geofences must be the same! so if you change name of geofences, you also need to update the report template!


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