Xexun Tk-102

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i have some questions.if you answer i will be thankful.

1-i am confused as some say tk102(genuine xexun) can track -floors of a car park and some say it cannot find more than 3-4 satellites even without obstacles.i want to track my children and in case of an abduction device must work inside trunk or with other obstacles with good accuracy.

2-is it too hard to add an external gps antenna.i dont know much about electronics.

3-is it too hard to modify/change power source to extend working time?there was a 12000mah battery for tk102 on ebay claiming to last 1 months.this battery can be plugged to usb but if it is not possible how can this be achieved

4-how is tk102 and other gsm trackers accuracy , ability to work with obstacles compared to cell phones.cell phones have agps does it make difference and how reliable cell phone softwares are

5-can you advice other devices with better gps (especially accuracy and ability to work obstacle).max 200$ including shipping.i will only use sms autoreport and perhaps gprs autoreport mode so other modes are not essential.not essential but a well known device would be better so i can find info at forums before and after buying.


Xexun Tk-102

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skdndy, you are welcome. The most important question is N5, e.g. cheap chinese device like TK-102 very often work very bad.

If you are from Turkey, you can try europen devices. May be Lithuaninan, they are cheap enugh and usually work much better.

And of course for car tracking use specialized device, for child tracking - .... hm, may be use software on the phone.

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Xexun Tk-102

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I'm trying to use a TK102 clone bought from ebay.

I tried to use official Xexun and Coban but with no success

I'm receiving the following data using a testing program.

connection from 37.161.XX.192:50000
received data: (027042302497BR00140314A4654.2350N00109.9246E000.12315320.000000000000L00000000)
connection from 37.161.XX.192:50001
received data: (027042302497BP00000027042302497HSO)

Any help on which model/port should i Use ?



Xexun Tk-102

Re: Xexun Tk-102

Have you tried port 20462

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Xexun Tk-102

Re: Xexun Tk-102

Like title says, can someone tell what is the revision number of the latest Teltonika FM1100 firmware ?

Thank You

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Xexun Tk-102

Re: Xexun Tk-102

i got today the info from teltonika sales guy (hi Stanislavas ;-) that the new firmware versions does not support any gprs remote configuration by other plattforms then their own plattform. So if you buy new Teltonika HW you should beware of this!

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