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can someone send me workable config file of gv500.
I have created gv500 into gurtams and it founds device
Only reports doesnt  appear.correctly. I have tried many different kind of configs of device and gurtam.
just cant get reports...PLS HELP!! I attached my config file.


Queclink GV500

Re: Queclink GV500

Here you have my config file which is working for 3 GV500s on a Volvo S40, a VW Vento and a Honda CRV. Remember to substitute my APN configuration (appropriate for Mexico) with your own operator's APN data (usually available online).

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to pull any OBD data from the VW Vento (which uses the Can Bus protocol). But engine RPM and fuel consumption seems to be coming fine from the Honda CRV and the Volvo.

Hope it helps.