Enhancements for "App Delivery Service"

Topic: Enhancements for "App Delivery Service"

Hi Ladies (and Guys),

very fascinated from the "Delivery Service" app we played around with our local partners and have some "enhancement" wishes as always...

1.) At the moment the "Adress-Sorting" is by "Country,Region,Town,Subtown,Street" which makes it a little bit uncomfortable to read.
is it possible to change the order by "Street,Subtown,Town,Region,Country"?

2.) it would be cool to have in the Map the Numbers of the "Checkpoints". At the moment there is only the Marker-Buble

3.) And of cause it would be more great (or using Steve Jobs words "Amazing") to have on the Printout the Map with the "Route" and the numbered Markers..

And german language file ;-)


P.S. really cool app, especialy together with saving it as a Route into the Routemodule.....!!!!!

P.S. 2
Screenshot with comments

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Enhancements for "App Delivery Service"

Re: Enhancements for "App Delivery Service"

will do that, thanks

Aliaksandr Kuŭshynaŭ, Gurtam