How make notification for engine hours

Topic: How make notification for engine hours


I want to know one thing that can we get the notification on mail or sms about the engine hours,example:Once the machine or vehicle ignition or RPM on/off during that on/off period of time,can we get the notification that in between ignition on to off this much hrs have been done by the machine or vehicle.

And for the same thing we also required consumption during ignition on/off on mail or sms.


How make notification for engine hours

Re: How make notification for engine hours

Hello, rohin.k

Such kind of information is shown through the reports.

For example to see fuel consumption during the interval, when the ignition was "on" it is possible to use the "rides" table with the "engine hours sensor" mask.

Notifications functionality allows you to generate one. All you need is to setup the notification to control your digital input activation or an ignition sensor value (http://docs.gurtam.com/en/hosting/user/notify/trigger).

Nevertheless, it is not possible for the system to determine exact time intervals between two events and build the reports according to them. Maybe if you describe your issue for what purposes you need such kind of reports, we will suggest you a way to resolve your problems.

Anyway, please give us a feedback on the issue to GHS.

Best regards.


How make notification for engine hours

Re: How make notification for engine hours

You can also use a geozone as the trigger. I have engine hours and milage counters sent each time particular geozones as entered or left. You will need to make sure that you check physical counters such as Odometers against virtual ones to see how much variation is happening.

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