Using Traffic-Layers in Apps/Toolz

Topic: Using Traffic-Layers in Apps/Toolz

Hi Guys,

we had a long time "google-maps-traffic-layer" as a simple link in Apps to provide our customers a traffic layer. (we dont use google maps because of their stupied price scheme and alternatives good enough (if not better).

As google changed again something and now traffic layer can be embeded only with API-Key and some Java blabla i found a nice little working alternative:

just add a new app and open following URL

http://maps.yahoo.com/embed#lat=52& … mp;start=1
(change lat into a good latitude of your region, change lon into longitude, change zoom into a good zoom level)
(or if you are a real developer, build your own app which shows all your cars in the traffic map and add it as a APP and share it with us)


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