App thats not trip based

Topic: App thats not trip based

We are using a lot of trackers on Wialon that are installed on off-road equipment that doesn't move a lot, so the app displaying trip information is not useful at all and often confuses the customer as the data looks incorrect.  For example, a generator has a battery powered tracker installed and it doesn't report movement.  It only  sends messages every 6 hours.  In the mobile app, the date shows as 1 week ago, but really the units last message was today.  It would be nice if the user could choose to monitor by trips in the app or by unit last message - how it looks  on the monitoring panel in the web version. 

We have current customers with a total of 4700 units in the construction industry who basically cannot use the mobile app effectively to manage their fleets.  We also have another potential 3,500 units in the sales pipeline that are in the same industry and will face the same issues with the mobile app.


App thats not trip based

Re: App thats not trip based

Hello chrissie,
can you give more context to this case?
In which way are customers interacting with app? What information do they need?