WiaTagKit for new version of WiaTag

Topic: WiaTagKit for new version of WiaTag


May I know when you will release the Kit for new version WiaTag?

I also believe that it's really great f you change the Kit in a way that can do everything itself as a library, now it's just a library for sending points, while from 3-4 years ago we have always asked for a library in a way that the developer just do settings for that library and the library do anything itself, means collecting points and sending messages based on setting. I mean a version of WiaTag without UI, everything should be passed to the labriary in terms of settings and the start and stop of WiaTag library service also be possible. As we passed the command of starting the WiaTag service to the library it should work exactly like WiaTag itself and this way developers of different applications just need to put this library in their codes and just use it. Most of developers who are developing different application for our customers are not familiar with this kind of tracking application, they are doing another application for another purposes and they just need to a library to add tracking function to their applications.

Please let me know what you think.