GuardMagic DAFS fuel level sensor adapter with data processing

Topic: GuardMagic DAFS fuel level sensor adapter with data processing

GuardMagic DAFS allows by very economical way embed fuel monitoring function for cars, VANs, LCV in vehicle monitoring system.

Not need to install extra fuel level sensor, not need to drill hole in fuel tank

GuardMagic DAFS could be used to provide fuel monitoring function on passenger cars, "JEEPs",VANs,"pick-up" or light trucks (Light Commercial Vehicles) on which the use of professional fuel level sensors is not reasonable due to technical or economic reason.

GuardMagic DAFS is intended for connection car, light vehicle regular floating fuel level sensor to GPS-GSM/GPRS module.

GuardMagic DAFS2 read the analog signal from the vehicle regular resistive type floating fuel level sensor, valuate, processing input signal and converts it into:
- digital form: RS-232 communication interface;
- stable noise and pulse free analog voltage output 0-8,5 V range.

- Dual input: "Analog" "and Pulse-Analog";
- Wide voltage input range;
- Valuation of the input signal;
- Input signal processing;
- Internal programming filter;
- Programming the operating parameters;
- Dual output: analog and digital
- High resolution.

(DAFS3 = also support 24 V power)

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