Google Address data in Mobile app

Topic: Google Address data in Mobile app

I have observed that we get different addresses in the mobile app and web application for the same unit at the same time when the Geocoding source selected in the web application is "Google" and the Map source selected in the mobile application is "Google Default".

I got a response from the support team that unfortunately it's not possible to use Google Address data in the mobile app because mobile app is using Gurtam Maps geocoding.

Is it possible to give an option of Google geocoding in the mobile application also? One of my customer brought this up to me saying that he doesn't see proper address in the mobile app. He mostly sees the address in the format of some <x> km away from <city name>

Kindly advise.

Vineet Jain


Google Address data in Mobile app

Re: Google Address data in Mobile app

Hello Vineet Jain,

the thing is that every time location of the unit is changed it is needed to make request to get address. For example if you are observing 20 moving units and they receive updates every 10 sec you will have 120 requests per minute. If you have 100 users it is 12 000 requests. As I know, Google is charging about 4$ per 1000 requests. Can you help to find the most optimal approach in this situation?