usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Topic: usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Hi Guys,

i would like to have a full restore of deleted accounts, not only ressources / users that after restore are bind to top account / units etc.


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usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Re: usefull restoring of deleted accounts

Hello partners and GT,
A problem I've faced many times is that when I delete a unit, when I restore the unit it isn't restored to the same account, I think that this should be improved too.

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usefull restoring of deleted accounts

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Re: usefull restoring of deleted accounts


I agree with wwbusch aka Buwo that the way that Wialon restore objects is not useful now.

I have some Ideas about objects restoration:

1. Accounts: for restoring accounts we expect a full restoration, means all objects inside and related to the account should be restored with their relations. As an example we expect when we restore an account not only system reserves same service hierarchy and structure but also applies same relations, for example if we have used some Units in some notifications we except that after restoration the notification be ready to use and knows which Units are relates to. I understand that Wialon keeps objects based on their IDs and also relates them by IDs. If you can reproduce same service structure while restoring items (even with new IDs you assign to them while restoring them) then the problem will be solved and we can say that such kind of restoration is useful.

2. Units: for restoring units at least the system can ask to which account restored units should be created. This will be so useful.

I could only think about these two objects of system. But, if you can implement what I have said about accounts then we can say that Wialon has a revolution in Restoration (and even Importing) objects which can help all partners.