Using Geoserver

Topic: Using Geoserver


I tried to add a GeoServer map on Wialon local  but no hope, Can anyone helps me to set the right settings



Using Geoserver

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Re: Using Geoserver

mabed, you can leave Base layer field empty. Map Servers are addresses of requesting tiles from your GeoServer, like:


As you can see servers are seprated with ";"

and finally Map Names are names you want to give to each server tiles (more likely name of layers) and each one is related to one server address like:

Layer One;Layer Two; Layer three

as you see here we also separated names by same character.


Using Geoserver

Re: Using Geoserver

add a vector and raster data source to GeoServer. apply color to map features using styling. test the layers in a simple web map. learn about clients that can display your maps. add a layer from a NetCDF file.
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