I need Help in Customizing Wialon Mobile App.

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Topic: I need Help in Customizing Wialon Mobile App.

Hello Team.

I am just starting up GPS tracking business and just entered the tracking theater.
I need help to customize the Wailon app to fit my client's needs.
The Wialon general interface will not be applicable to most of my client's needs. therefore needs some customization.
I will like to have my app interface to look like the following

1:   "home tab" that will show: All, Moving, Stopped, Idle, not connected, offline, expired," units

2:  " Unit Tab":  When highlighted it will bring a new actionable menu that will show the following:
Live Tracking, vehicle info, trip info, engine lock, km summary, engine hrs, report, sensor duration, private mode. fuel level etc.

I have attached a similar interface here for the purpose to achieve the same or something similar.

I will appreciate any assistance and feedback


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