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It would be great to display expired maintenances in first if we group with state as "Sorting" in a maintenance report because as you can see on the screen "maintenance.png" it doesn't make sense if you see expired maintenances in the middle of the tab where there are maintenances with left days.

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Maintenance report

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Hi Thomas! Thomas RoadLink
What I figured out is that when the data in the Maintenance report is grouped by Total and sorted by expired, the system does not pay any attention to whether it is left or expired, it just looks at the value itself and sorts by it:


However, when you add grouping by State, first of all the system will show to you all the expired maintenance and then all the upcoming maintenance for all of the units in a group.

Do you think such grouping can solve your task?

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

Maintenance report

Re: Maintenance report

Hello mars !

Thank you for your answer.
Indeed, it is a good alternative, thank you.

And sorry, I didn't see your answer until this new response.