Cloud-based free CAN-bus decoder service

Topic: Cloud-based free CAN-bus decoder service

Hi to all!

There are a lot of cheap CAN-USB scanners which produce raw CAN-log files for analysys. Someone is experienced enough to recognize CAN J1939 PGNs in raw format like "FEF2, FECA etc". We can help to make an analysys easier.

Here is a free web-service for can-log parsing and visualisation in form of readable parameters and plots. Parser is based on DBC-files, there are some default DBC-parsers including J1939 protocol. You can create your own parsers based on it with built-in editor (see pics) and upload your DBCs too. Further development includes collaboration of users and DBC-sharing between users for p2p CAN bus analysis.

link : can2sky.com

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ik4rb … 2u_GT8W8kE

please, read the doc carefully for better understanding.

Not every canbus log file format is supported right now, but we will add another formats later.

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Cloud-based free CAN-bus decoder service

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Very interesting, could you send as more info please, thanks