Importing Customer Locations as Geofences

Topic: Importing Customer Locations as Geofences

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Wondering if anyone has an easy solution for creating KML files from excel data.  Customer has used a previous tracking platform that had a address based template that would load radius geofences as customer zones.  They use this feature to load the weeks planned jobs and then monitor geofence activity.  They would manually delete the zones after the jobs are complete.  There are a few subscription based KML tools, but the steps needed to manage and then import into Wialon is a bit complicated for average user...  Any suggestions appreciated.


Importing Customer Locations as Geofences

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The easiest way to convert KML from excel data is through Google Maps. It allows you to import data in different formats, including csv and xlsx, and export it into kml - https://support.google.com/mymaps/answer/3024836 Source excel data should contain columns with lattitude and longtitude.

Sergey Haritonov, Gurtam Maps Specialist

Importing Customer Locations as Geofences

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Re: Importing Customer Locations as Geofences

I needed to do this process today and I found a bit difficult, so I created some steps that can help other partners to do the same:

Create the locations inside Google Earth, export and import the archive in Wialon:
01) The first step is to have all the locations in excel with the titles:

Location    |    Latitude    |    Longitude

02) Use the formule: =CONCATENAR(A1;",";B1;",";C1) (CONCATENATE in english) in D1 and copy all the column D to a document .txt;

03) Import the document .txt inside Google Earth;

04) Export the locations in Google Earth to .kml;

05) Import the .kml file inside Wialon.

In case you need to change the radius:
01) Export geofences to .wlp;

02) Use notepad, in edit, replace: "w":1000, to: "w":radius;

03) Import geofences again.

Fernando Brochetto
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