Our company contact info in mobile and web app

Topic: Our company contact info in mobile and web app

It would be great if our users can see the name and contact info about the company which he bought Wialon service (our company). It should be visible in the mobile app, as well as in web app. Many times user don't know who can he contact to ask questions regarding service, payment and so on.
My suggestion is that in the mobile app under the "More" tab, there is also "Partner info" with the following fields:

*Company name
*Location (address)
*Web address
*email address
*Helpdesk contact
-         Contact name
-         Telephone number (clickable)
-         email

Maybe even some aditional info.

Every partner could add their info in these fields.
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Our company contact info in mobile and web app

Re: Our company contact info in mobile and web app

Hello ridlbek!
Thanks for your suggestion.

First of all, I want to note that your request should be divided into two parts:

1. Adding partner information to the mobile application
2. Adding partner information and other contact information to the web application

This topic discusses the development and improvement of Wialon Hosting web version, so I ask you to contact the mobile development team (you can leave your request here).

As for adding contact information to the web version of Wialon, I want to give you some recommendations. At the moment it is already possible to add similar information in different forms. I will give you some examples:

1. you can place a banner with the requested information on the login page.
2. you can place links to your personal resources (social networks, blog, website) on the login page.
3. you can also add links to your contacts directly inside the system (e.g. in the user menu)

To implement one of the proposed options, you need:

1. prepare a script that will add the information you need;
2. send a link to our technical support;
3. guys from technical support will connect it to Wialon via external JS-script.

Maybe these are not “beautiful” screenshots, but I wanted to show you with examples how to solve your problem

Little addition! It may be useful for you to know that in the same way you can connect external chats to communicate with your clients.

Since we can't standardize such information and its presentation (all partners need different information, but they may not need it at all), we provide the possibility to flexibly configure and connect external resources and scripts to Wialon Hosting.

I hope that this information was useful for you. If you are not satisfied with the options offered for any reason, please describe them in more detail.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon