New NimBus feature: actions on the Dashboard page

Topic: New NimBus feature: actions on the Dashboard page

Good day everyone! Today we have released another update NimBus v. 1.10.2 that includes some changes in visualization and functional of the Dashboard page. So let's take a closer look at it.

Previously a click on any of the blocks transferred you to the page that the block represented (rides, online, stops and routes).

But for dispatching it might not be enough as it is sometimes necessary to see the particular elements and not all of them at once.
For example, a dispatcher needs to get rid of overlapping rides or to see only units that go with delay.

That's how the page looks now:


Let's go through the main changes:

1. Arrangement of the blocks: Rides and Online blocks contain the most important information for dispatching.
2. Structure of the Online block: now every type of the rides' "deviation" has its own chart.
3. Clicking on different parts of the blocks: it's possible to switch to the requested elements directly. Clicking on the diagram or the phrase gets you to the corresponding page with the selected filtering.

So, a click on the chart "with delay" transfers you to the page Online with the appropriate filtering:


We truly hope you'll like this new feature! Please let us now in comments.

Viktoria Chabai
NimBus Product Manager, Wialon
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