Calibration of big tanks

Topic: Calibration of big tanks

Fuel level sensors can be used for remote fuel volume monitoring of fuel tankers and fuel storages. Tank calibration by fuel portions is a big headache because you need to refill a large amount of fuel.

We've made 2 simple online calculators of tank calibration tables - for horizontal cylinder and for horizontal cylinder with ellyptic sides  (like fuel tanker).

for horizontal cylinder:
https://mechatronics.by/en/service/util … alibation/

for horizontal cylinder with ellyptic sides
https://mechatronics.by/en/service/util … l-storage/

As result, you will get a file with tank calibration table. It is for our Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensor, but you can easily convert it in any other format.

Remember that it is simplified method, accuracy will be affected because real tank shape is not "perfect".

All types of fuel sensors : capacitive Eurosens Dominator, fuel flow meters Eurosens Direct, Eurosens Delta, ultrasonic level sensor Eurosens Dizzi
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