Reports Improvements

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Topic: Reports Improvements

Hello everyone!
We found some improvements that could be added to generate better reports. Please, look at the screenshots.

1. Use of colors in intervals, just like the sensors: This would make possible to view in a easier way non-standard values.
For example: Use of color red when the ignition is off and green when it is on in the reports os messages;
Use of color green when the classification is above 5, orange below 5 and red below 3.

2. Option to organize the columns just by clicking on it: I know that there is an option to order the values inside the configuration of reports, but sometimes you want to compare it very quickly and this could be a solution.

3. New type of interval: Again, this option already exists inside the reports, but it would be great to have this two options, to make the report as default to search the informations during intervals or configuring it in this way, it would be more flexible.

4. Adding the name of the notificatication/event inside report of events: Trying to know which notification happend is sometimes very difficult, beacuse the only field that we have is the description. So I want to know if it's possible to add such feature.

5. Grouping by group: I client that have a lot of groups asked me if it was possible to group the units inside a report by groups, because it is possible to generate the reports by many groups.

6. Option to select the column to export: Some reports created have a lot of tables, so if you export it the document will be huge. This option already exists but only when you try to print the report.

Thank you!

Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul


Reports Improvements

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Re: Reports Improvements

Fernando, how are you?

We are happy with your suggestions, they will be reviewed by our responsible team.

With respect to the first point, the colors are applied to the "Rating by violations" (Classificação por infrações in portuguese) column that was not included in this report.

Attached I send you an image that shows how it should be presented.


Pedro Moura
Technical Account Manager, Southern Cone and Brazil


Reports Improvements

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Re: Reports Improvements

Hello mope, thank you for your advice, it worked!!!
This feature would be very great if improved in others reports.

Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul


Reports Improvements

Re: Reports Improvements

Hello, Fernando

1. Colors in reports we've already discussed here. So, I won't comment in this topic now.
2. All the reports are configured on the server. So, a browser just draws the ready table. Sorting by clicking looks like an easy task if you don't know the real architecture. If the feature was really valuable then we would think about changing the architecture. But this one doesn't worth the resources it needs.
3. Interesting idea, thanks. I will note it. But if we implement saving custom time intervals, then the feature will be available all over the system, not for reports only.
4. You are right, the ability to see the notification name may be useful. We'll see how we can do it better. But as this feature is not very valuable, then the terms of realization may be long enough.
5. Noted. You are not the first who request grouping by group smile
6. Here is actual to look at p.2. The current architecture doesn't allow column selection.

Thank you for sharing your ideas!

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam

Reports Improvements

Re: Reports Improvements

Hello tata,
Thank you for considering it, hope my ideas become something helpful and productive for everyone! smile

Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul