Adding of "mileage from trips only" into Driver binding report

Topic: Adding of "mileage from trips only" into Driver binding report

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I have a client with about 30 vehicles, who pays his drivers on actual Kilometers driven. They changed over to Wialon platform a year ago on the basis that we give him an asset and a driver report so that he can compare the two mileages and make sure the mileage on both coincide with each other.
It does not. The driver binding report always has more or fewer kilometers that the asset report.
The reports would typically show Vehicle A drove 100km during a month, and Driver John that drove vehicle A drove 130 km during the month.
The driver uses a Dallas Ibutton to tag when a trip starts. The vehicle cannot start without the tag being presented. Initially, we bound and unbound the drivers via a notification. The difference between the 2 reports was sometimes 1000’s of km. We found this to be due to a black-box scenario where the packet registration time on the server was different from actual packet time sent by the device when the device goes out and into the cellphone range. I cannot use any notifications to unbind the driver since the units are driving around in low cell signal areas and the black box message all hit the server at the same time which caused the drivers to be unbound while driving, this caused major discrepancies in the data. We are using the CAN-data from a Teltonika FMB120 for our mileage sensor and the RPM for our engine ignition sensor. All the drivers are using exclusive mode currently to combat the discrepancies from the black box data.
We, however, find that there are still differences in the 2 reports.
We have been struggling for many months now with this issue and the client is about to make a decision if he still want to continue with Wialon platform.
I would like to request that "mileage from trips only" be included in the driver binding report so that my asset and driver mileage match.
It should be logical that If my fleet drove 100Km, my drivers should also have driven 100Km..Not 130Km?
If "mileage from trips only' does not work, then I need something else to fix this issue.

see screenshots - you will find that the total driving time, idling time and moving time are the same on some of the cells where only 1 driver was paired with 1 vehicle to compare but with different mileages.

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Adding of "mileage from trips only" into Driver binding report

Re: Adding of "mileage from trips only" into Driver binding report

Ryan.Gerber, good day.
I e-mailed some recommendations for your task yesterday. If you have additional questions, we can continue communication using e-mail (it's preferred channel for discussing such issues).

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Adding of "mileage from trips only" into Driver binding report

Re: Adding of "mileage from trips only" into Driver binding report

Hello Dear,

the soultion to your problem is to use autobind to bind/unbind your drivers instead of using notification.

also the diffrence in km could happen if the driver drove 2 cars one for 30 km and another for 100 km.... the driver would have 130 km in driver report and the car would have 100.