New NimBus feature: server notifications

Topic: New NimBus feature: server notifications

This week we have released a new update NimBus v. 1.9.1. Let's see how it works in more details.

So, a new tab Notifications was added on the Administration page.
To configure notifications for sending to an external server you need to specify the following:

1. Name. "NimBus notifications" is default but you can change it.
2. Server URL.
3. Method, POST or GET.
4. At the moment the following types of events are available:
    - Ride started
    - Stop entered
    - Stop left
    - Stop skipped
    - Unit left the route path
5. Press the Save button.


So now the system will return the data about ride progress for all the depot. You can decide how to use it further depending on your project's needs and goals.
Also you can always temporarily deactivate configurations and stop receiving notifications, if necessary.
Let's go through an example to understand better the format of data that the system returns.

{"tid":29535,"pos":{"x":30.1256633333,"c":324,"y":59.580005,"s":19},"u":17073454,"rid":12768022,"tp":32,"i":9,"tm":1570095574}, where

"tid": event['data']['tid'], // timetable id
"pos": event['data']['msg']['pos'] // position data
"u": unit id['data']['u'] // unit id
"rid": event['obj_id'], // ride id
"tp": RideEventTypes.STARTED.value // event type (see further)
"i": event['data']['i'], // stop index
"tm": event['triggered_at'], // timestamp of event

Event types (tp) have the following flags:
1 - ride dtarted
32 - stop entered
128 - stop left
256 - stop skipped
2048 - unit left the route path

We will be happy to get your feedback regarding this feature!

Victoria Suskova
Product Manager, Gurtam
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