Notificiations: Per unit time out

Topic: Notificiations: Per unit time out

Is there a way to set up a notification with a time out that is per unit, not overall?     

For example, we may have 30 units working one area, if one of them goes into an "off limits" area and clicks the SOS/Event button we get a notification.   The problem is if they click 10 times in a couple of minutes doing deliveries, we get 10 notifications.   

We want to limit it so that we can set a time out to 1 notification per three minutes, BUT we need to have that happen per unit since other units may move into that area and click in that 3 minute period that we need to know about.     

We also need to make sure that after 3 minutes the notification will alert us if they are still SOS'ing in the off limits area.


Notificiations: Per unit time out

Re: Notificiations: Per unit time out


as tata says there is no direct way to to it, but you could try the folowing

1- create 2 groups and call them A and B.

2-put all units in group A

3-create a notification (on the A group) that triggers when the SOS button if pressed, the action of the notification is:

   notify you that the sos is pressed.
   modify unit group (remove the unit from Group A and put it on B).

4- create a geofence in a random place that the car will goes to(outside the country).

5- create a notification based on the geofence that you draw and select outside geofence, in the last page of the notification setting  set the min duration of alarm state to 3 min and select all messages .

the action of this notification is to remove the car from group B and put it in A.

in this case even if the driver pressed the sos, he wont be in group A so no notification will be received from him.
ps: you can create any notification to do the action of the 5th point.