Last mile delivery tracking software

Topic: Last mile delivery tracking software

Deliforce offers the best Saas based delivery, workforce, field force, logistics tracking, and management system. The last mile delivery tracking software that helps the admin assign tasks to the field agents and tracks them in real time. This platform will help various industries such as logistics, e-commerce, restaurants, manufacturing, pharmacy, salon and spa, laundry, home services, and many other industries to track their field agents, delivery executives, and track as well as manage them in real time.


Deliforce offers a complete overview and statistics of the business by offering daily, monthly and yearly status of all the tasks with their status, whether they are complete, delayed, in process or failed. Deliforce offers an admin dashboard and driver app. The admin dashboard allows the admin to assign tasks in bulk, along with task filtering, smart route optimization, tracking agents in real time and bulk task dispatch. let's contact deliforce to get details about the solution.

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Last mile delivery tracking software

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