Difficulties in importing GTFS data to NimBus

Topic: Difficulties in importing GTFS data to NimBus


Thank you for implementing the support for importing / exporting GTFS data, it's a cool new feature!

However, I ran into some complications when I was importing data in GTFS format to NimBus and I wanted to let you know about them. The first thing that I noticed was that NimBus throws "Upload failed" error and does not accept data if the service_id(found from calendar_dates.txt, calendar.txt and trips.txt) is not an integer. In my case, some of those ids where randomly generated strings containing numbers and characters, so NimBus did not accept them. I think it's fairly common that these ids include characters, this is the case at least in Google's documentation https://developers.google.com/transit/g … /gtfs-feed.

The second thing that I noticed, was that Nimbus throws "Something went wrong" error if in the stop_times.txt file there are trips of which last two arrival times are equal. So for example, if the stop_times.txt looks like this:

trip_id, arrival_time, departure_time, stop_id, stop_sequence, timepoint
1, 00:10:00, 00:10:00, 205199, 1, 1
1, 00:11:00, 00:11:00, 309519, 2, 1
1, 00:25:00, 00:25:00, 205232, 3, 1
1, 00:26:00, 00:26:00, 205397, 4, 1
1, 00:26:00, 00:26:00, 205264, 5, 1

NimBus won't accept this, since the last two stopping times have the same arrival time. If the last arrival time and departure time are changed to for example 00:26:01, NimBus will accept this.

I wrote a script which fixes these two problems, but it would be nice if it was possible to import data without running any additional scripts.

Best regards,
Jonatan Lehtinen


Difficulties in importing GTFS data to NimBus

Re: Difficulties in importing GTFS data to NimBus

Hi, jonatan.lehtinen! Thanks for feedback.
Non-numerical IDs is a known problem, we work on this and will fix this problem in one of next updates.
And thanks for reporting issue with stop times. There are some mismatches in Nimbus and GTFS data requirements, this caused the issue. For sure we will debug this.


Difficulties in importing GTFS data to NimBus

Re: Difficulties in importing GTFS data to NimBus

jonatan.lehtinen today we released fix for problem when two last stop times are equal
And we are still working on non-numerical IDs