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Sync up with changes in the flespi device API

We work hard to be stable and predictable for our customers. However, sometimes changes are necessary to make further growth and development smoother. And they cause less trouble when done earlier.

We did some changes to flespi device-related operations:

- added a configuration object into device schema

- modified subscriptions mechanism

- deprecated old methods but left them working in parallel with the new ones for some time

Make sure to transition to the new API and do the proper testing in advance.

Check the details and exact dates here:

https://flespi.com/blog/sync-up-with-ch … device-api



flespi platform news

Re: flespi platform news

Custom naming scheme for MQTT message parameters

We know that sometimes you want the MQTT channel message parameters to look different.

Now you are the boss.

Easily force parameter names to the convenient notation and use them in your projects.

Check more details and possible uses here:

https://flespi.com/blog/custom-naming-s … parameters



flespi platform news

Re: flespi platform news

flespi message parameters: finding the common language

A message in flespi is the key element to get data from. Therefore, it would be great to know what information it can store and what you can do with it.

Learn what flespi messages consist of and what the possibilities to operate them are.

Check the details here:

https://flespi.com/blog/flespi-message- … n-language