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Hi to all,

We have been working creating some routes-schedules-rounds. But we are facing some troubles with the activation time when the unit is already inside the firs point, I tried looking into the docs, but there only specify the importance of arrival time for the first point.

The question is, if i set a round relative to activation, and lets say the arrival time is 00:00 and departure time is 00:10, does this round becomes active after 10 minutes of the unit being inside the checkpoint? or is it activated when it leaves the checkpoint after these 10 minutes?


Route Schedule

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soporte3 if only one unit is assigned to a timetable a round is created and activated by the time of the first check point minus deviation.
Suppose the first check point arrival time is 00:00, departure is 00:10 and an allowed deviation is 5 minutes.
Then, the round is activated at 23:55. From that time Wialon is following units movement and checks if it visited a point or not.

So it not being inside a check point for 10 minutes. Activation time is not bound to any other conditions rather than arrival time.
A round is created regardless of whether a unit is inside or outside a point.

Depending on the task you trying to solve, maybe there is a better option. For example start rounds by notifications.


Route Schedule

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Thanks for this feedback, you are right after some testing and some help trough support mail , we decided to go with generating a round from a notification.

Dont know if this behaviour is something common in other regions, but i think it would be a nice addition to move the schedule due to a delay in the start point.