Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

Topic: Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

We would like to request the following feature.

In the Monitoring Panel Customizer to have a dropdown list that allows for more than 1 Sensor State icon to be shown in the work area. I would recommend up to 6 sensor icons.   

We have a few clients that want to show various sensor states at a glance in the work area. With too many vehicles it is difficult seeing the sensor values if all the vehicle's worklists are open.

3. What will happen if we get this feature
We have a large deal >500 units that require this function.

4.To who is the benefit?
Happy and more efficient end users.


Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

Re: Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

I'd like to add that having more sensor statuses on the monitoring panel allows visualizing more sensors like temperature, tire pressure, door/ belt status, etc.

Of course, this can be solved using the dynamic unit groups, yet it brings the following issues:

  • it takes some time to create/edit/manage the notifications. If there are several customers that would like to have the same feature means even more notifications.
  • the notifications load Wialon.


Sergey Govorunov
Wialon Implementation Consultant (Africa)

Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

Re: Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

I'll notice, that this theme is not new. Here are links to other topics: first link and second. So we researched this before.

The main Wialon advantage is flexibility. We separate sensors by their types and algorithms they are calculated. So you can use a digital sensor that has values "on/off" for a belt control, door control, cruising taxi control and much more. That is why we have a general column for any sensor. If we just add columns for more sensors we'll get something like on the attached picture. You see, that such a picture is not for comfortable control, as every color for every column can mean whatever.

But you see, that we have a column for battery sensor. It has its own icon and color scheme according to its value that is between 0 and 100%. We added it as it is a common sensor for many devices, it is essential for personal monitoring sphere.

So we cannot add just some columns. We can view some specific sensors. If they are common, control of their values solve some known problem, we may add them.

I recommend reviewing the possibility to control sensor values by notifications. Also, we have a tool for sensor control -  the app Sensolator. Pay attention to it, please. Well configured Sensolator will be more comfortable then monitoring panel even after adding more columns.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam

Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

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Re: Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

Good day

I would like to thank you for your reply on this specific topic.

As you stated you do not wish to add this feature since it will overpopulate and confuse the monitoring panel with all the different colours.

As a result we tried to substitute for the lack of sensors states through modified groups and notifications to alert us of a change in the sensor value.

The "notifications+groups" solution will spam the system with notifications of each change. It brings complexity and anxiety as the notifications are triggered on the messages that can be not delivered in case of absence of GPRS signal.

Sensolator won't do for 500+ units.

We would love to have the option of choosing multiple sensor states possibly in the form of a drop-down menu or a box where we input how many we would like next to the sensor state tick box in the monitoring panel customizer, the icon change does not matter to us. Yet to choose a simple icon from a library and colour it according to the sensor state color would be even better.
That mock-up is what we wish to see.

The client needs to monitor the sensor states as well as current position/location in the form of a geozone on a single platform. Please reconsider to build that mock-up sensor state picture you posted as it will give great value to our current project and the potential for us to design even greater projects using this.



Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

Re: Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

The number of lines in monitoring panel with common resolution is near 20 rows. So to see all 500+ units at the monitoring panel as you should scroll 25 pages. This way to control sensor state looks rather problematic.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam

Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

Re: Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

This will not be a problem as the units will be put into 3 - 4  modified groups to control the amount of units being seen at once, where the risky group will always be expanded and monitored. The solution we would like is for the various sensor states to show the client at 1st glance without having to open the work list. for example there are 100 cold storage trucks with each truck having 4 temp sensors inside, and then the client can see at 1st glance into the modified group which vehicles are out of range and then looking at the state and seeing which sensor is out of range and then he or she can contact the driver..that is the example...so we manage the total amount of units through modified groups and then we monitor the individual vehicles inside those groups by their assigned sensor states.

Thank you


Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

Re: Feature request on monitoring panel customizer

To do the scheme you described you need to have the same sensors in all units, the same settings, and structure. In your case 4 sensor columns may have a sense. But I doubt anyone can use it except you in the realization we've discussed earlier. A single-type fleet with single-type settings is not so common.

As I see, the final purpose in your case is to warn a driver. If yes, then the easy way is to set a notification with the text "Sensor name", "Driver name" and "Driver phone number". You'll have all the information in one place.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam