Feature Request -Vehicle Speed and Motion State Filter

Topic: Feature Request -Vehicle Speed and Motion State Filter

Present Situation

We are migrating some fleets from another platform to Wialon. Customers that we have migrated are complaining that with Wialon, there is no real-time indication of vehicle speed.

Benefit of Showing Live Vehicle Speed

If a dispatcher or supervisor glances at the Wialon dashboard, there is no way to tell how fast a vehicle is moving. The only way to see the speed of a vehicle is to hover the mouse over that vehicle. This is too slow and cumbersome.

The benefit to being able to see vehicle speed, at a quick glance, is that a supervisor can quickly assess:

-if any vehicles are speeding in real time
-get a sense what vehicle status is -for example -if I see a vehicle is going 120 km/hr,  I know it is on the freeway and en route to the next job site
-get a feeling for what vehicles may be stuck in slow traffic
-get a sense for what a vehicle's ETA might be at its next jobsite
-have an idea what vehicles may be available for job assignment

Suggested Method

I am proposing 2 methods for achieving the above:

1. Add an option to show vehicle speed along with the vehicle unit ID -for example "Truck 101 - 123 km/hr" or show the speed above the vehicle icon.

This would be a selectable On/Off toggle switch that will simply enable speed indication right on the Map.

2. Add an option on the left control panel to show the speed beside the Motion State. This would also be a toggle switch -if it is enabled, then last known speed will appear either on top of or beside the Motion State icon on the left panel.

Suggested Motion State Filter

I am suggesting that a Motion State Filter setting would also be a very useful feature. On the top of the left panel, there is a Motion State icon, but it does not do anything. I should be able to click on this icon and a filter box pops up:

The filter box would allow me to choose what Motion State I want to see. These would be the choices:

1. Off -which means it acts just as it does now
2. Moving -if I choose moving, then the map shows all the vehicles that are moving
3. Stopped -If I choose stopped, then the map shows all the vehicles that are stopped
4. Time Range -this would be a slider that I can set from 0 to 12 hours +. It would work in conjunction with the stopped switch above. The slider would have detents, going from 2 minutes, to 15, 30, 60 minutes and then 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 10+ hours. It would default at 2 minutes, which means that when I choose "Stopped" the map will show all vehicles stopped longer than 2 minutes.

Benefit of Motion Filter

This would be very useful to fleet manager's and dispatchers. Most commercial contractor fleet vehicles are either a)at a job site making money for the business or b)between job sites -costing the company money.

By being able to quickly see which vehicles are moving (not stopped) -a dispatcher can see which vehicles are available for dispatch or en-route to the next jobsite. This helps with more efficient dispatch and helps reduce unproductive downtime.

By being able to see which vehicles have been stopped for more than xx hours, it helps by warning dispatchers which jobsites are progressing too slowly (for example, a lawncare company should not be on a jobsite for more than 1 or 2 hours). It also helps know which vehicles may have faulty GPS devices or absentee drivers


Feature Request -Vehicle Speed and Motion State Filter

Re: Feature Request -Vehicle Speed and Motion State Filter

Speed indication is taken from GPS messages sent by device. GPS speed data can be shown in:

1. Messages mode
2. Unit Tooltip and Extended view mode in worklist.
3. Notifications (depends on notification type and settings)
4. Reports (Trips, Violations, Speeding tables and few more)
5. Track player

If your hardware does not send GPS speed, system can calculate approximate speed based on coordinates. However, this will not allow to use all system capabilities.
If you have technical questions regarding particular device or hardware type, please send them on support@gurtam.com

Regarding motion state - user can replace unit icon with motion state icons
Also, it's possible to show unit status according to sensor state. Create custom sensor based on speed and configure color range in sensor settings

First of all, I strongly recommend to read the manual and get familiar with basic system features. Even with basic tools it's possible to cover most of required tasks. After that you will learn dynamic groups, routine management, Eco-Driving, alerts and notifications, sensor chains, etc. These topics are not so easy to learn, but they allow to use system tools much more effectively.

WDC Administrator

Feature Request -Vehicle Speed and Motion State Filter

Re: Feature Request -Vehicle Speed and Motion State Filter


I need my dashboard to show online, offline, and stationary units in a piechart.

Kindly assist


Feature Request -Vehicle Speed and Motion State Filter

Re: Feature Request -Vehicle Speed and Motion State Filter

Just to complement bako answer, you can also set the sensor state on the left control panel using the advanced tab in unit config and then enable the sensor on panel list.

config usage of sensor color
https://docs.wialon.com/en/hosting/user … nsor_state
enable sensor state on list

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