How to use API

Topic: How to use API

Hello all

Please I do not find the documentation intuitive at all.

Firstly in the docs, I keep seeing references to http://{host}.

What is host supposed to mean ?

Secondly and very importantly, is there not supposed to be some access keys or secret keys that should be obtained by registering, before using the API, because I do not see anything close to this in the api docs.

Does it mean anyone can just call this API and hope to get a response without using some keys?

The new authorization way documentation is the most incomplete documentation I have ever seen.

Please I need clarification.

Thank you


How to use API

Re: How to use API

Contacted supported and got help

The Host name is the website name (URL). For example, if you are using hosting.wialon.com to access your monitoring site, the request will look as per below:


Additionally you can add access right flag for your token -- https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … cess_flags

When you will execute this request, you will be able to input your username and password and 72-symbol token will be generated.

You can copy token from browser address bar.

This token you will be able to use in your own application.