Google Maps on wialon

Topic: Google Maps on wialon

Good day.

I would like to know how to use google maps on wialon? I can not get a real view of the streets and neighborhoods with gurtam maps here in Mozambique.

Someone can tell me how to integrate google maps here?


Google Maps on wialon

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Such question should be directed to the sales@gurtam.com -- I have informed my colleague and she has already sent you an email with explanation.

I want additionally mention here, that you should have DNS to work with Google Maps.

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Google Maps on wialon

Re: Google Maps on wialon

As from my very recent experience.

1. You have to add a CNAME record in your DNS for your "new" Web access URL.  This will become your new URL that is used by you and clients to access the web interface so.  DNS propagation will take some time to complete.  Mind you this is a time lengthy process and not quick and so you should pick a name with relevance or meaning or very generic, but this will be the URL clients use to login to your system.

2. If you want to continue to have the other "free" maps included with your new domain access you need to specify that in your email request to support.  Otherwise google maps will be added and everything else removed.

3. As this is a new domain/url you will have to order and provide your own SSL certificate to support to enable SSL access if you care about this.