iOS & Android client for Wialon

Re: iOS & Android client for Wialon

Hello Gurtam

We have writen to your support for several time, but they recomend to leave a comment to forum.

Here is a everyday problem with mobile app.

We add new unit to client account. Same day or the next day client calls " Hey I cant see the new unit, why is that, can you help me?"

So we explaine every day to different customers how they can make it visable.

We can see 2 solutions:

1. Every time we make new unit we log in to client mobile account and make it visable manually.

2. Gurtam will make automatic solution, if new unit is added to account, it will automaticly added to mobile as well.

NB! We have not seen client who ads new unit and DONT want to see it on mobile. Looks like common sens to as if we create new unit it will be visable in computer as well in mobile. Currently thats not happening.

Keep up the good work. Everything else works nicely and customers just love your mobile app wink


iOS & Android client for Wialon

Re: iOS & Android client for Wialon

Hi CarCops Autovalve,

you may do the following:

- Add a unit on Wialon
- Open Wialon App on the mobile device
- On the units tab find 'an eye' icon, tap it and select 'units from the web monitoring panel'

Now, every time when a new unit added to the monitoring panel on the web a unit will be automatically added to the monitoring list on a mobile application.

Pavel Bushuyeu
Product Owner, Mobile