outside geofence notification

Topic: outside geofence notification

Why don’t show me zone name in outside geofence notification?
Only show me %ZONE%
Inside geofence notification is no problem working well….

Following text is wrong? how can i fix it
%UNIT% left %ZONE%. At %POS_TIME% it moved with speed %SPEED% near '%LOCATION%'.

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outside geofence notification

Re: outside geofence notification


We have updated our algorithms to avoid such situations in new versions of Wialon.

Here is FAQ for previous versions:
"The reason is that if you control exit from several geofences in one notification, it is impossible to detect which geofence exactly was left. To have geofence name in such type of notification, you should create a separate notification for each of those geofences."

If you face this issue with Wialon Hosting, please, send us a request to support@gurtam.com with example (notification name, unit name, goefence name, time of exit from geofence).

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Technical Consulting / Training Team
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