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We are develop solutions with the new API Nimbus, but the service online haven´t a form of test in the document. They could help us know how to use the schedule, to observe the times between each stop as does nimbus through the API.

Only the following description can be seen in the documentation in the image attachment.


Please help me.


API nimbus

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Hi, Denisse

Thanks for your interest. Can you explain what you really want to do? You can't get timetables or you have no idea how to make api requests?


API nimbus

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Hi mitu

Thank you for the answer, but it's correcto. I haven´t idea how to make api request for timetables, Can you help me, please?


API nimbus

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Hi, Denisse
For getting timetables, yor need to get routes. So you can use this api request  or if you want to get the timetables of the specific route use this one.


curl -X GET https://nimbus.wialon.com/api/depot/<YOUR_DEPOT_ID>/routes -H 'Authorization: Token <YOUR_API_TOKEN>'


curl -X GET https://nimbus.wialon.com/api/depot/<YOUR_DEPOT_ID>/route/<YOUR_ROUTE_ID> -H 'Authorization: Token <YOUR_API_TOKEN>'

Your timetables will be at the tt field.


API nimbus

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I'm facing access denied problem with Nimbus API.

I was able to get deport's contents like stops, routes, schedules, ride history, etc, using the token of user who is a superuser for our system, but since 1-2 days I'm getting ACCESS DENIED.
Please find attached snapshot.

Vivek Singh
Software Engg.
Alba Smart Automation Pvt Ltd.

API nimbus

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Re: API nimbus

Hello, vivek2dx

Please write to support@gurtam.com with subject like "NimBus ApiKey problem" and discrribe your problem. Also It will be good, if you attach ApiKey, depot name and example how you do a request to the e-mail.