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if  I have 250 units and there are 10 unit of them its paper will be renew in 26-9-2019 . and  10 unit will be renew in 15-1-20 and other units will be renew in different date then when i want to add service interval to those units . i must calculate for each unit the period that it need so why you can simplify this process by giving customers a calendar to add this event that he need with out any calculations . he will only select the date form calendar



service interval

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Hello zayedsaid14,

Sorry for being so slow with an answer.

Your idea is clear. We added it to our backlog.
I'll back if I have any questions or news.

Dear Partners, what do you think about this proposal? We will be glad to hear your thoughts.

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Maksim Shvets
Business Analyst