Teltonika FM5300 ECO Driving

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Topic: Teltonika FM5300 ECO Driving

Hi there

We have a problem with FM5300 ECO Driving. As we all know this device sends param253 and param254 as ECO Driving parameters while param253 describes ECO Driving type (1 - Acceleration, 2 - Braking, 3 - Turning) and param254 describes acceleration force value in m/s^2.
We created one acceleration sensor based on param254 and called it Acceleration Force Value and did calculations to convert it's value to g. We also created 3 custom sensors based on param253 (named Acceleration, Braking and Turning) to detect type of acceleration. Braking sensor calculation chart is shown as an example in screenshot. We set Acceleration Force Value sensor as sensor of custom criterion of ECO Driving and set Acceleration, Braking and Turning sensors as validator of ECO Driving criteria (3 different criteria). Problem is that when 2-3 different types of violations occur consecutively, system can't detect the type of violation and consider them as one type. Situation is like this:

Message 1 >>> param253=3
Message 2 >>> param253=3
Message 3 >>> param253=3
Message 4 >>> param253=2
Message 5 >>> param253=2
Message 6 >>> param253=2
Message 7 >>> param253=2
Message 8 >>> param253=3
Message 9 >>> param253=3

In such a situation Wialon detect a violation of Turning type from message #1 to #9.
T prevent this we changed setting of ECO Driving and used each acceleration type as sensor of custom criterion without any validator and our problem solved. Now another problem is that we can't check value of acceleration force in reports.

Anyone has any idea how we can solve this problem?


Teltonika FM5300 ECO Driving

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To investigate the issue, please, send us more information to support@gurtam.com: names of the unit and report, time interval to check + access (if the issue is not at Hosting).

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