ELD devices and solutions in Wialon

Topic: ELD devices and solutions in Wialon

In North America, ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) mandate implementation date is fast approaching. December 18th, 2017 is when paper logs for HOS (Hours of Service) reporting will no longer suffice and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will start enforcing the regulation. It is estimated that over 3 million commercial vehicle drivers in the US will be impacted.

Gurtam has already integrated HOS solution by Assured Tracking and several DOT-compliant devices with Wialon system to enable professional truck drivers and commercial motor carriers to easily track Hours of Service (HOS) compliance.

In this section, we offer informational support on obtaining and deploying ELD solutions on Wialon platform. Feel free to ask questions, share ideas and suggestion on how to improve FMCSA standards compliance with Wialon.

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ELD devices and solutions in Wialon

Re: ELD devices and solutions in Wialon

Hi Kirill,

Can we expect any additional ELD/HOS options to be integrated in Wialon? Choices are always good.
Are there any intentions to have a Wialon ELD/HOS solution (as opposed to integrated 3rd party)?