Maximum daily trip length allowance

Topic: Maximum daily trip length allowance

Hi all,

We have  an inquiry from a prospect that is interested in our solution but has one key request.

They wants the Wialon operator to be alerted when a vehicle has surpasses the maximum allowable daily amount of kilometers (in this case 10). There is also a request for a trip report that mention the excess in km.

I have checked with my team but we could not find any immediate solution.

Regards, Bart

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Maximum daily trip length allowance

Re: Maximum daily trip length allowance

You can create a notification where you would use parameter message for it. In this section, you would use the odometer parameter, sometimes the parameter its call odometer, and when it reaches a certain amount of distance this alert will activate. Additionally you would have to reset every day the odometer. This can be configurated in the task part of wialon.