How to get 'virtual' odometer report

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Topic: How to get 'virtual' odometer report


Pls refer to the attached pptx file "how to get odometer.pptx"

AS explained in the pptx file, I did the following:-

1. Created sensor in Unit Properties >> Sensor Properties
- Name : Odometer
- Sensor Type : Mileage sensor
- Parameter : Mileage

2. Selected Mileage sensor in Unit Properties >> General Properties
- Mileage Counter : Mileage sensor

3. Created Report Template using table type 'Summary'
- Selected Unit Group >> Add Table >> Type >> Summary

4. Configured the Report Template
- Checked 'Final Counter' (I believe that Final Odometer at end of each trip will be shown in this field)
- Entered "Odometer" in the Sensor mask.

5. BUT the result that I get is '0' in the Final Counter column

In case of Unit No.     [BCE-HKTN02] CDF3891/BCE114, the odometer should be 100925 at the time the report is generated.

- Odometer shall be incremental mileage value until next reset

Gurtam Team,

Please assist.


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How to get 'virtual' odometer report

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Re: How to get 'virtual' odometer report

Hi Gurtam Team,

Any response?

In other word, how do I get the number highlighted in YELLOW (see attached image)  to any of the field inside the SUMMARY report?



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How to get 'virtual' odometer report

Re: How to get 'virtual' odometer report


Initial/final counter is a value of counter sensor value, it's not mileage sensor , it's other sensor type
as there is not any created counter sensor for unit that is why you get zero in report

To get  mileage counter value you need to use table Statistics - Unit latest data

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