.xls exportation from messages info

Topic: .xls exportation from messages info

When can we have exportation to .xls / .csv from messages info about rawdata?
It is quite complicated to see errors there even having good screen size.
I remember it was posted some time ago but I do not understand why it was not interesting.
Maybe we test wrong way?

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.xls exportation from messages info

Re: .xls exportation from messages info

Hello, locationGPS
Did you try to open .wln files with Excel?
.csv and .wln files have the similar structure. Choose semicolon as a separator and get the result like on the attached screenshot.

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.xls exportation from messages info

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Re: .xls exportation from messages info

Currently messages can only be exported as .wln, wlb, .txt, .log

However if you export as .wln the data appears in the following format


Once you  copy this into your spreadsheet you will be able to split them by semicolon  using the following formula 
In google spreadsheet you would do the following



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