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We connected GalileoSky 5.0 via FMS connector at Mercedes Actros 2014.
We got readings from tachograph and for that i'm create custom sensors.

In picture below are readings that we have:


It would be nice if Gurtam create tacho report template that can use custom sensors.Or if somebody have better idea how to solve this.
Also good thing would be to implement custom sensors or if thare possibility on other way to implement with Wialon App (Tacho View)

In future we will got about 500 vehicles with this kind of readings so i think it would be helpful to create special report template for tacho.



Tacho reports

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I add this topic here by mistake, if some of administrators can move topic to Features Requests & Enhancements.



Tacho reports

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We've added registration of values from FMS as separated parameters.
To activate this opportunity, please enable the option "Parse FMS parameters" in device configuration window:


Below is parameters description, which also available on the GalileoSky device page.



Tacho reports

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Hello everyone

It would be nice to create new report template for tachograph.
Because we got now parameters from CAN readings (GalileoSky 5.0)
Also as i know Ruptela Tco 3 and Tco 4 can send readings from tachograph through CAN line.

For now Galileo doesn't have driver 1 and 2 ID, but they implementing that option.

For example on parameter fms_spn_1612 comming Driver 1 Working state, working states are:

fms_spn_1612 = 1 - Rest
fms_spn_1612 = 2 - Driver available
fms_spn_1612 = 3 - Work
fms_spn_1612 = 4 - Drive
fms_spn_1612 = 5 - Error
fms_spn_1612 = 6 - Not available

I'm create custom digital sensor and i've got time how much driver rest,work,drive etc.
So my idea is sensors for tachograph working on that principle or just to report template read custom digital sensors.

Also same story for Driver 1 time rel. states (fms_spn_1617) like i describe above.I'm create custom digital sensors.

The point of separete tacho report template is to calculate how much time is left to drive,rest daily,weekly etc.
And in future it's gonna be easier to create unit and report template for tacho readings.

Gurtam development if you want i can provide you access of unit with settings like i descireb above.

Ofcourse if you need additional info , please ask.


Tacho reports

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Hello monitoringnet

We already have similar feature - we store tacho data to driver with code from messages params and assigned to unit
All this information available in driver tooltip
Here's how it looks


Tacho reports

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I know for that option, but i think more reliable information are directly from tachograph.
I case you mention above, all depends from driver binding to unit.


Tacho reports

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Devices usually sends driverId so auto assign should work.

Problem is that devices not always sends information directly from tachograph, sometimes it's historical information.

For example, Ruptela sends state, time and duration (e.g in 8:05 we can get message with info: on 8:00 state was driving for 10 minutes) together with current state (which can be already not driving in 8:05). We use this information to calculate information and store it in driver and it's really hard to do with sensors.

More over, information from drivers also used in reports


Tacho reports

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Hi monitoringnet,

We do have this feature enabled, as shmi answered.

You can configure driver activity to be shown not only by bindings but by the real time data from tachograph as well.

In the Advanced tab you need to select Tachograph in Driver activity section.

The activity in this case will be defined by the data coming from the real-time statuses sent by tachograph. These data will then be used in (Advanced) report on driver activity.

Please note that different devices support this feature to a different level. So, the general advise is to try how it works in your specific case.

More about this in documentation. If you need any assistance on this matter, send an email to support@gurtam.com and we will look into the matter for you with all teams involved.

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Tacho reports

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Hello monitoringnet,
I'm trying to setup my omnicomm optim to read the driver ID from can bus.
To setup a new parameter on the can bus setup I need to feel these fields:
PGN = 65131
SPN = 1625
Length = ???
Offset (bit) = ???

Length choices go from 1 bit to 4 bytes

Can you help me to feel length and offset fields?