Search the resources by admin field

Topic: Search the resources by admin field

I'm using Wialon Remote API, I want to search the resource by admin field, find below condition, I want to check admin field name with value pair, but Its not working in that way. Can anyone please help me on this.

Resource 1 Admin Fields:
name : sam
address : test

Resource 2 Admin Fields:
name : test
address : sam

Expected Result : Resource 1

Current Result :  Resource 1, Resource 2

rel_adminfield_name == name AND
rel_adminfield_value == sam

svc : core/search_items

params : {"spec":{"itemsType":"avl_resource","propName":"rel_adminfield_name,rel_adminfield_value","propValueMask":"name,sam","sortType":"sys_name","propType":"rel_adminfield_name,rel_adminfield_value","or_logic":"0"},"force":1,"flags":"0x00000085","from":0,"to":0}

J Prabhu

Search the resources by admin field

Re: Search the resources by admin field

prabhu.janakiraman, this search works for admin field names and values separately. This means at first in finds all resource with field "name" (both resources) and then all resources countaining fields with value "sam" (also both resources).
We understand this problem and we'll try to find solution for this case. But this can take some time.
For now there is no option except postprocessing search results on Your side.

Head of Wialon Local Department