Odometer in Geofence report

Topic: Odometer in Geofence report


I have a customer who has created Geofences for Fuel Stations and would like to know the odometer value when the unit is inside the station. Unfortunately there is no Odometer parameter in the Geofence or parking reports.

Any suggestions?


Odometer in Geofence report

Re: Odometer in Geofence report

At first a device should send parameter odometer , in this case you can create Mileage sensor or  Relative odometer and get mileage at reports Geofenes or Trips
Also please check if you select Mileage sensor or  Relative odometer for unit's Mileage Counter (Unit's properties  - Main tab)
If your device cannot send any parameter of odometer you can set up Mileage Counter to calculate by GPS

If you still have difficulties with reports please write to support@gurtam.com with example of unit and report

Diana Cheley
Wialon Hosting Expert

Odometer in Geofence report

Re: Odometer in Geofence report

Hello Chdi,

Thank you for your reply. I have already done all what you said and there is a mileage sensor created for the unit. I can correctly display the mileage in reports like trips reports through adding the columns "Initial/Final Mileage"

The problem is that for some reason, those columns are not available for the Geofence report, the available columns are only Mileage which displays the mileage traveled inside the Geofence.