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Topic: Vehicle Checklist App

Hello all,

Statuary law has opened a new solution option for us. Vehicle checks must be done each day before vehicle is driven.
We have been asked by a company with many vehicles to do the following: ( This can be uses for other fleet owners

1. Electronic recording of each vehicles 15 point check list, from an app on the phone.
Can we create an app inside Wialon to do this? Reporting side. Database will be stored on Azure? We need to marry vehicle with vehicle on Wialon.

We have added the following to the mix to ensure the vehicle cannot be driven without the check being done.
1. Vehicle will be automatically be disabled during the night ( safely of course)
2. Driver will not be able to start vehicle without doing the checklist.
3 Once checklist is done - Mobile app engages the engine alone with driver ID.
4. Details of checklist is sent to server.
5. Customer can check the checklists via the Wialon app.

Reporting from the app in Wialon:
1. Customer can check each vehicles checklist history.
2. Customer to get report on vehicles flagged with reported problems.
3.When problem sorted customer can close off issue. ie: Light Bulb replaced

Can anyone recommend a programmer to program a Wialon APP

Many thanks