How get to coordinates?

Topic: How get to coordinates?


When I download a fuel report I get the position of where the load is done. But in that position it keeps some coordinates to locate the place.

How can I get these coordinates, running a report from the javascript API?

I already managed to execute the report, but I wanted to get those coordinates of the places.

Please help.


How get to coordinates?

Re: How get to coordinates?

Denisse, after executing report from SDK (execReport or report/exec_report request) You should execute selectRows (report/select_result_rows) request to get specified number of rows for some report table.
As a result You'll get array of rows and each row with array of column values. And columns with date and location will contain geographic coordinates (x and y).
https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … es/reports
You can use them for centering map after click or for placing some markers or whatever else.

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