Reading Events (avl_evts)

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Topic: Reading Events (avl_evts)


What will happen if I call avl_evts method to access  events from two different computers using  the same access details, the same token

for example: Let's say I have called avl_evts from computer A and read the available events, and if I call the avl_evts from Computer B after executing the avl_evts on computer A, are  those events already read by Computer A be available to computer B ? or only new events registered after reading activity by computer A be available for computer B ?

what should I do, to get events regarding units, regardless of reading activity on other computer ?

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Reading Events (avl_evts)

Re: Reading Events (avl_evts)

nasnew, avl_evts request will return the same events for different clients (computers) for current time.
For example if 2 clients are authorized using the same token and are polling events. Then if some message or event occured on server - both clients will get them. But if only one client is authirized now, then event occurs and then second client connects - the second client most likely will not get this event.

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