*.xml file of AVD map

Topic: *.xml file of AVD map

Hello DEAR,
I am using following xml file. But WL is can't confile this. Where is the promblem?
I am trying to combine few shape files in one xml file.

<conv name="mymap" encoding="utf8">       
    <layer file="Building.shp">
        <features type="210" max_level="1" name="$NAME" is_house="1" address="$NAME"/>
    <layer file ="city.shp">
       <features type="65"  max_level="2" name="$name" is_city="1" address="$name"/>
    <layer file ="town.shp">
       <features type="66"  max_level="1" name="$name" is_city="1" address="$name"/>
    <layer file="lakes.shp">
        <features type="131" max_level="2" name="$NAME" address="$NAME"/>
    <layer file="cross_roads.shp">
        <features type="50" max_level="0" name="$NAME" address="$NAME"/>

It's my life

*.xml file of AVD map

Re: *.xml file of AVD map

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