Gurtam Maps and keeping it up to date?

Topic: Gurtam Maps and keeping it up to date?

I would like to hook up onto this topic : http://forum.gurtam.com/viewtopic.php?id=9032
But the question is slightly different.

We have a similar condition in Indonesia where the map data of possible alternatives is lacking accuracy and details. No map-provider has even close to the quality of map-data of the guys from Google have.
Google is the only real good option. OpenStreetMap, Here, and Gurtam all lack so many road and so many details.

Yet, we do have a significant database of location and address information. That in theory could be supplied to Gurtam to be used in Gurtam Maps. Than with the use of the latest version 1604, we can use that date after processing, if I understand right. Correct me if I am wrong.

But the one question that never gets answered is:
How does Gurtam plan to update the maps, and keep them up to date?

We don't have the tools in order to discover and provide new additions to Gurtam.


Gurtam Maps and keeping it up to date?

Re: Gurtam Maps and keeping it up to date?

Wialon has a cartographic capability so you should be able to augment the maps with your additional information. Which areas of Indonesia are you referring to the OSM does not cover?


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Gurtam Maps and keeping it up to date?

Re: Gurtam Maps and keeping it up to date?

And another question is also: do you need that accuracy?
For example we had a long time no street number level data in Wialon in Germany. Nobody complained. Than we got them (streetnumber level data) from Gurtam and nobody said: ohhh cool, we have streetnumber infos now.

In my eyes its just a "marketing" thing, If your competitors doesnt have it, you say "but we have more details", if they have it, you can say "oh we also have it". and if your competitors has it but you can not have it, you say "where do you need it? are you willing to pay more for it?".
Mostly the answer is "no.".

Openstreetmaps is nearly the same as google maps in Indonesia, just check some tracks of existing vehicles and look if tracks are on roads which are not covered by OSM. i wont think so!


P.S. you just can buy a key from google. send it to gurtam and voila you have google maps!

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Gurtam Maps and keeping it up to date?

Re: Gurtam Maps and keeping it up to date?

Simply said, no, the OSM data is not nearly accurate enough.
It is similar with the topic that our friends in India point out, see the previous link.

On the Island of Java the data is considered acceptable accurate. And I am not talking about street-numbers.

(That will not make too much sense anyway in Indonesia, as houses are numbered randomly, and long streets could have 3 times the number 2, in it for example. Even where I live, in Jakarta, a street of 1,5 km long, the number 2 appears 3 times, the number 6 minimal 4 times, and nr 18 2 times.) - Just some side info

Even on the most populated island Java and Bali are still plenty of streets missing, and mostly cover only main roads and secondary roads. Smaller connecting roads are often not available. On any of the other islands the data is often limited to 'provincial roads'.

As we are expanding significantly to other islands of Indonesia (Kalimantan and Sulawesi) and we are confronted the hard way that our current data is not close to accurate, and new customers are complaining already.

Regarding the other comment, one of our new customers is not willing to pay extra. Yet the cost of using Google we consider it heavy for our business-model. Because of the the use of Gurtam Maps seems the better alternative, given that the future of updates is guaranteed in one or another way.